I) Player Participation, Performance, and State Analysis:

State-by-State Statistics

Biggest Tournaments in June

⚠️ The number of active players represents those who have participated in at least one rated game for June. ⚠️

Please note there are 706 players not attached to any state on their USCF profile. 

Top TDs and Affiliates

II) Initial Concept: Chess Activity Index for US Chess Community

To calculate the index we:

The top 5 states according to the calculations are:

Of course, this basic mockup is just a test run. For the next report, I'm working on a comprehensive model that takes into account all of the components (including TDs and affiliates,...) and juxtaposes this data with the active population. The ultimate goal is to incorporate this index into the FIDE reports.

III) Gender Distribution

The gender proportions:

IV) Rating Distribution


I) Player Participation, Performance, and Federation Analysis

Rating averages and player counts with federations with at least 50 active players

Player with the most points in a single event  in June:

Player ID: 3520773

Player Name: Quesada Perez, Luis Ernesto

Federation: CUB

Rating: 2374

Points: 21.0

Biggest FIDE Tournaments in June

⚠️Please note that the tournament size only includes FIDE rated players. ⚠️

Top Rating Winners and Losers for All K Factors (Classical)


FOR K=20

FOR K=10

The most active player in June was: Korneev, Oleg  with 45 games.

II) Gender Distribution

Including Inactive Players

Active Players Only