The FIDE Landscape 

The player with the most game points in a single event in May:

Player ID: 14508044

Player Name: Plenca, Julijan

Federation: CRO

Rating: 2212

Points: 24.5

Top 20 Players Based on Cumulative Points (Standard+Rapid+Blitz)

Top 20 Rating Gainers and losers for all k factors

Top 20 Rating Gainers and losers for k=20

Top 20 Rating Gainers and losers for k=10

I hope that as time passes and I collect more data, I will be able to create a comparative study that captures the evolving trends and changes within the chess community, providing even deeper insights into the dynamics of player ratings and gender representation.

We can see the distribution of chess titles across the world. The 'FM' (FIDE Master) title is the most common, with 4502 players holding this title, making it the largest sector in the chart. This is followed by the 'IM' (International Master) title, held by 2335 players. The 'WFM' (Woman FIDE Master) title is the third most common, held by 1869 players. The least common title is 'WGM' (Woman Grandmaster), held by only 323 players. 

Now we move to the data of recorded games(TWIC) for the period from May 1st, 2023 to May 29th, 2023.

Out of 25,199 games, here is how they ended:

Tuesday Dominance:

One contributing factor to the prominence of games played on Tuesdays can be attributed to the scheduling of early and late Titled Tuesdays on 

This scheduling strategy allows titled players from various time zones to participate.

This graph shows the performance rating of chess players in May 2023. The performance rating is a measure of a player's strength based on their recent results.

Best performer: Nodirbek Abdusattorov (2867.375 RP)

After careful consideration, I've reached an epiphany of sorts: If you're dead set on keeping your openings under wraps and sparing them from the unforgiving clutches of publication, I've got a tip for you. Steer clear of the red zones like they're carrying the plague!